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Chapter 48 Kristoff Adler

  • Clearly, Olivia didn't know when to stop. She kept shrieking behind us. “How is she better than me? Augustus, don't do this!”
  • Augustus came to a stop and turned at his shoulder slightly to glare at Lisa. “Get her out. I don't want to repeat myself.”
  • Lisa picked up her phone and made a call. “Security? I'm calling from the CEO's office. Send a few men here. Yes, there's an outsider here.”
  • Right then, someone started clapping inside Augustus' office.
  • “Good, good. You're getting more merciless by the day. Are you going to kick me out, too?”
  • It sounded like an elderly man bellowing energetically. Instantly, dread filled my heart. I looked up and saw an elderly man walking out of Augustus' office.
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