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Chapter 47 The Star Of Mix

  • In the past, I studied diligently so I could get into a prestigious university and change my fate so Mom and I would no longer be poor. Slowly but surely, I did it. Yet reality gave me a harsh blow for I had to bear Mom's monstrous medical bills. No one knew how hard it was for me to decide to take up this job. I thought I would be able to return to the life I've always wanted after I earned enough money. Now, Augustus seemed to be telling me MIX was my final destination.
  • It seemed like he wanted to make me the star of MIX. Sorrow and bitterness washed over me. Does it mean I can never escape once I set foot in such a place?
  • “Is this the reason you took me in?” I bit my lip in dejection.
  • Instead of answering my question at once, Augustus knitted his brows before stating cruelly, “I said, I don't run a charity.” His hand left my shoulder, and I quickly sat up.
  • “What if I'm unwilling to do so?” My lower lip was bleeding by now, so I turned slightly to wipe it off.
  • I could hear Augustus laughing mockingly behind me as though I was being unreasonable. “I never force anyone against their wishes. If you wish to leave, the door is always open.”
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