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Chapter 45 Bullies

  • Upon entering MIX, Summer towed me into an empty break room furiously.
  • Before I could come back to my senses, she complained, “Erica, I'm regretting my decision to come here. All I was doing was having my lunch, and they ganged up against us. They wouldn't let Sonia and I order together, and they avoided us as if we had some kind of contagious disease! Say, why do these b*tches in MIX get to act all high and mighty? Everyone's out here selling themselves. Do they honestly think that they're clean?” Summer's face was bright red, and there was a barely controlled fury in her eyes.
  • Unsurprisingly, the girls at MIX were bullying Summer. I knew how she felt, but her words were too harsh.
  • “Don't say that, Summer. What do you mean by selling ourselves? You're degrading yourself,” I consoled as I pulled her to a chair and patted her back.
  • Summer peeked at me and huffed. “That's exactly what we're doing. They make it seem like we're elites of the society, yet we're nothing but prostitutes.”
  • Her words rendered me speechless. Back in Phoenix, although I would not say such harsh words myself, I was used to hearing them from the surrounding people. Hence, I had not given much thought to Summer's crudeness. However, now that I was used to an environment like MIX, Summer's words were exceptionally tough to bear.
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