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Chapter 42 Forgotten Warning

  • I shook my head fervently before uttering, “I'll be willing to bear all consequences. Mr. Adler, you said you'll help me earlier. Is that true?” I had not thought that Mr. Adler would relent so soon. After all, he was already kind to help me. I never thought he would do more for me.
  • As for the warning he gave me, I had not pay much heed to it. Summer was naïve and cute, and we clicked. Sonia had done too much for me. As long as they could get a better life, I was willing to do anything.
  • However, it turned out that Augustus' warning was right. He knew what would happen; in the future, Sonia and Summer ended up negatively affecting me. That was something I did not find out until it happened.
  • “Sure.” Augustus' dark eyes watched me for a long time until fear began creeping into my heart. It was then he waved his hand and continued, “I'll ask Mannie to make arrangements for your two friends from Phoenix to join MIX.”
  • Immediately, my eyes lit up. Before I could thank him, Augustus uttered words that sent a chill down my spine. “It's time for you to realize how evil a person can be.”
  • I disagreed with his words. How can a person's evil heart be as easily described?
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