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Chapter 41 Lending A Hand

  • I was deeply attracted to his alluring gaze. After I followed Augustus home, my heart was still thumping in my chest.
  • I tossed and turned in bed, waiting for him to come in. These days, I had gotten used to sleeping in his embrace. When lying alone on the bed, I felt a sense of emptiness in my heart and found it difficult to fall asleep.
  • I rubbed my temples as I suffered from a headache after having a few glasses of drink that night. Oh Gosh, is it because I didn't take alcohol for quite a while? Everyone will definitely laugh at me if they know about it. I even called myself a good drinker in front of Summer! Who knows? After such a short period of time, I became frail and delicate. Oh well, it's true that we shouldn't get too comfortable!
  • Those words said by Augustus after leaving MIX just now still lingered in my mind. He's right! I must be prepared to deal with any difficulties in life. I shouldn't rely on him entirely, or else I'll lose the ability to survive. In the past, I thought I had gained more knowledge and experience than my peers. I had been striving to survive in such a complicated workplace day after day. However, the sudden appearance of Augustus sheltered me from the harsh realities of life. Eventually, I got used to staying in this comfort zone and did not want to get out of it.
  • After all, Augustus and I belong to different worlds. I can't cling to him forever. Besides, I can't stay by his side after he marries Olivia.
  • Thinking about that, my head throbbed with pain, and I could feel the painful sensation worsening. Then, I burrowed down beneath the covers.
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