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Chapter 40 Begging For Mercy

  • Much to my relief, Augustus did not get angry with me. I lowered my head, staring at his clutching hand.
  • Suddenly, a busybody paused the loud music and turned on the light in the room. At once, the atmosphere and ambiance around us changed. Wow! I've never seen such a bright room in a nightclub! There's nothing special though!
  • When the warm yellow spotlight shone over Augustus' head, an authoritative air surrounded his darkened expression.
  • Finally, Cracker recognized Augustus and shuddered with fear. “Mr. Adler, I'm so sorry! I failed to recognize you just now! I shouldn't have talked to you like that. Please spare me!” Had it not been for the table blocking in front of Augustus, Cracker would have crawled to him and gripped his leg, begging for mercy.
  • However, Augustus seemed to have gotten used to such pleading. His eyes remained stony as he listened to Cracker begging for mercy. I guessed Augustus was not infuriated by Cracker because I clearly remembered that his expression was far more terrifying than the current one when Tiger and Yvette came over to stir up trouble that day.
  • “You should apologize to her!” Augustus glanced at Cracker before glancing back at me. I did not expect him to stand up for me in such a situation.
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