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Chapter 39 Humiliation

  • I did not drink much.
  • Those people who approached Augustus for a toast could not tell if I was a hostess or his girlfriend. After sizing me up, they greeted me and raised their glasses. They did not force me to empty my glass. Luckily, I looked young in that pretty pink dress. I was so glad that nobody could tell I had been working in a nightclub for more than a year. Since I did not have to drink, I sat beside Augustus and clung to his arm, feeling relaxed and carefree. I nodded slightly and smiled faintly at whoever approached him.
  • How I wish I could work in such a relaxed manner in the future!
  • Though Augustus was the youngest among those in the room, he had a ridiculously high alcohol tolerance. I tried to count. He had consumed at least three bottles of wine, on top of the beers and liquor brought over by those who approached him for a toast. Yet, Augustus remained sober and kept looking on indifferently. Indeed, being sober in the club made him stand out from the crowd.
  • “How much drink can you hold?” I whispered in his ear for fear that others would overhear it and find out the truth.
  • Augustus was amused by my cautious look, and his face broke into a smile. “I can drink slightly more than you. Why don't you fill your glass and drink up with me?” He pinched the tip of my nose, treating me like a child.
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