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Chapter 38 Scapegoat

  • It turned out that Augustus was indeed one-of-a-kind in the field of business. I initially thought that the attendees that night would be young and talented men just like him. Imagine my surprise when I saw rotund middle-aged men instead, who were no different from the usual customers at Phoenix.
  • As though reading my thoughts, the man reached out to pinch my waist and flashed a playful smile at me. “You seem disappointed.”
  • His breath tickled the shell of my ear, and my face instantly flushed a bright pink. Flustered, I waved both hands profusely and denied, “No, no.”
  • With the same smile playing on his lips, Augustus led me to our seats. Although the people around us were curious about my identity, they knew not to poke into Augustus' business. Rumor had it that he didn't like being near women. Hence, the fact that I was sitting beside him raised a big question.
  • The people in the private room were all men. Some were drinking, while some were singing. Some were sitting in pairs and playing dice. I figured that they were slightly fearful of Augustus, just like me. Otherwise, why didn't they call for any of the girls to drink with them?
  • Although Augustus was cold and aloof, as a business mogul himself, he still understood the workings of the corporate world. Thus, he had called for some beautiful girls, who were all currently lined up in two rows for the men to choose from.
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