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Chapter 36 Self Destructive

  • Augustus probably informed Mannie beforehand because it didn't take long before she helped me pull up the surveillance footage showing the front desk from a few days ago. The surveillance footage was in black and white. Upon closer inspection, I confirmed that the tiny figure was indeed Summer. I thanked Mannie profusely, but she only casually waved it away, saying that she was merely carrying out her boss' orders.
  • Upon noticing my hesitation, Mannie queried with a smile, “What's wrong? Do you need my help with something else?”
  • Mannie wasn't a do-gooder. People often told me she was only thoughtful toward me because of Augustus.
  • “Mannie, the girl from the surveillance footage is my friend. Something must've happened to her. She would only come to me as a last resort,” I mumbled in distress. When I looked up and was met with Mannie's gentle gaze, I mustered up the courage to continue speaking, “I secretly escaped Phoenix back then. I can't go back anymore. Not to mention that I don't have her phone number...”
  • “What's your friend's name?”
  • “Summer. Her name is Summer!”
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