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Chapter 34 Differential Treatment

  • The dream had been so vivid that fear still clung to my unconsciousness even after I had woken up. I gently patted my chest, grateful that everything had been merely a bad dream. Before I became stronger, it was a better choice for me to behave myself, lest my dream became reality someday. I shot a furtive glance at Augustus, trying to gauge his expression as a trace of guilt crept into my heart. Thank goodness he didn't know I was using him in my dream. He didn't need to know that I had ended up shooting myself in the foot.
  • I couldn't tell how long he had been awake. Right then, he was lying on his side with his head propped on his hand, observing me in silence. I wondered what kind of silly gestures I had made in my sleep during the horrifying dream. Thinking of all the possibilities, I instantly felt mortified.
  • “Why are you staring at me instead of getting out of bed after waking up?” I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, then turned my face away in embarrassment.
  • The man released a deep chuckle and countered, “You look much cuter when you're asleep. Not as guarded.” His eyes were like bottomless whirlpools ready to suck me in.
  • I rarely saw Augustus laugh so happily, looking so carefree. Although the smile in his eyes vanished as soon as it came, my spirits lifted considerably because of him. “I had a nightmare and was scared awake. Thank God nothing happened.” I let out a silly giggle.
  • Augustus' wore a knowing expression on his face and tousled my messy hair. “Wash up and get ready. You're coming to MIX with me.”
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