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Chapter 33 Special Place

  • It turned out that Tiger and Yvette did not intend to let me go. When I arrived at MIX, Mannie told me in a hushed voice that Tiger had booked a VIP private room with a minimum expenditure of two hundred and eighty thousand per night. He was requesting me by name to serve the drinks. I was shocked, to say the least. How could people in their line of work go back on their word? After watching Yvette puke her guts out the other day, Tiger and I should already be considered even.
  • Not wanting to put Mannie in a tight spot, I headed straight to the private room where Tiger was. After all, MIX operated differently from Phoenix. Even if the guests had money, they weren't allowed to do whatever they pleased.
  • When Mannie and I brushed shoulders, she whispered into my ear, “Don't worry, Erica. Since you're under Mr. Adler's protection, we won't let anything happen to you at MIX.” Her words resembled a tranquilizer shot; it meant that she would be keeping an eye on the happenings in the room. Hence, I was quite certain that no harm would befall me.
  • Taking in a few deep breaths to clear my mind, I reached out to push open the door to the lounge. Perhaps I had experienced too much in a short period of time because I no longer cowered as I did before. Instead, I felt like I could take a bull by its horns.
  • As soon as I stepped over the threshold, I started choking on the thick smoke that was invading my nostrils. After coughing a few times, I made my way toward Tiger and Yvette.
  • Yvette was wearing a skin-tight dress that left little to the imagination. She had a good figure but looked cheap dressed like this. Before my eyes were opened to the world, I didn't know there was a difference between every young lady. But after bearing witness to the sophisticated ladies working in MIX, I realized what a small fry I was in Phoenix.
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