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Chapter 32 You Could Have Left

  • I didn't say anything and looked out of the window of the car. My silence gave him the answer he wanted.
  • “After your mother passed on, you could've left,” Augustus remarked coolly. He was stating the fact calmly, and it was clear that he didn't agree with how I accepted fate without fighting back.
  • Indeed, I had wanted to escape from the entertainment scene and find a stable job to lead a peaceful life. Alas, the moment I stepped into the swamp, it was practically impossible for me to get out of it. I had lost count of the times I missed an opportunity to lead a normal life.
  • There were plenty of ways to gain happiness in the world, but those who were unlucky couldn't well explain themselves.
  • I put up a relaxed front and asked casually, “Will you let me go?”
  • By then, we had conversed for quite a while, so I thought he wouldn't be bothered to answer me. To my surprise, however, he glanced at me before answering, “My answer's the same. I, Augustus Adler, don't operate a charity.”
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