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Chapter 31 Blacklisted

  • “Err, Mr. Adler.” the man carefully began. “What should I do in regards to this couple?”
  • I thought he would let them off, but I was proven wrong again.
  • “Blacklist both of them. From today onward, they are not allowed to enter any of the Adler family's property,” Augustus declared as he caressed the red mark on my cheek softly. Yet, his gaze remained cool.
  • The crowd gasped at the turn of events. Clearly, the couple had offended the wrong person. One was bound to run into someone more powerful in society. The man and woman were unlucky enough to run into someone as influential as Augustus.
  • The two of them clearly hadn't expected such an ending. They were scared out of their wits and hung their heads low beside us.
  • I shot Augustus a grateful glance, but he didn't respond to me in any manner. Feeling a tad embarrassed, I touched the palm print of my face. This time, it wasn't as burning as the slap from before.
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