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Chapter 30 Arcade

  • I hadn't been to that mall before, but I wasn't completely clueless as I had seen countless games on TV.
  • I thought only children would come to amusement arcades accompanied by their parents, but I was wrong.
  • The next second, I bumped into a couple—a whiny woman and her fierce-looking boyfriend. They were worse than the customers I usually came across in Phoenix.
  • “Darling, she stepped on my foot. It hurts!” The woman frowned unhappily and bent down to hold her ankle, which had swelled up slightly. Her voice was sickeningly sweet. She sounded like a little girl whining at a minor inconvenience. She was clearly in her thirties, but she was acting like a child who I had bullied in public.
  • In an effort to catch up with Augustus' long strides, I had accidentally stepped on her foot in a corner. It was my fault. Even though I was at fault, she had clearly overreacted.
  • “What's the matter with you? Are you blind?” The woman's male companion scowled at me angrily. My eyes fell on his arm that was covered with tattoos as I heard him growl, “Don't you know who you've run into?”
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