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Chapter 29 Can You Drive

  • Reward?
  • His question stumped me. For the past year, I drank without a care in the world to earn money. I saved every cent and transferred them to my mother. Now, my mother had passed on. I had lost my only reason to survive, so I had no idea what I wanted anymore.
  • My hesitation didn't hinder Augustus at all, and I belatedly realized he had his own consideration. He wasn't bothered about what I want.
  • “Do you have a driver's license?” he asked out of nowhere, his slender fingers still holding the steering wheel. I found his existence strange, for even his fingers emanated an icy aura as though he had just come out of an igloo.
  • I turned and studied his side profile, perplexed by his question. When my gaze landed on the steering wheel, a thought suddenly occurred to me. Is he asking me to drive because he drank some alcohol earlier?
  • “I can't drive.” I shook my head profusely, feeling a little vexed that I wasn't able to be of help.
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