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Chapter 28 Insult

  • Disbelief was written all over Olivia's face as she demanded, “Augustus, we are about to get married. I can't believe you're reprimanding me because of her! What's so good about her? She's nothing but a despicable wench trying to climb into your bed!”
  • An icy smile remained on Augustus' lips as he gazed at her wordlessly. If I were to remain silent after she insulted me, I knew I would surely disappoint him.
  • “Well...” I coughed to grab her attention. “Ms. Yarlett, can you not insult me self-righteously in front of my own eyes? I'm here as Mr. Adler's partner. You're also insulting him by insulting me.”
  • Olivia turned and looked at me with disdain. “Shut up. Who are you? You have no right to butt in.”
  • I sneaked a peek at Augustus. He didn't seem angry at my retort. Hmm? Is that satisfaction I see?
  • I made up my mind and stepped ahead elegantly. After being trained for so long, I was much more confident being under the spotlight.
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