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Chapter 25 He Despises Olivia

  • Augustus stared at me wordlessly. He was a capable man in my eyes, so I figured he would have a long and interesting past with Olivia.
  • It seemed that I had overthought things once thought. I thought everyone, including someone as capable as him, would have a fragile side. Yet, Augustus didn't seem to have one.
  • He remained unfazed at the mention of the other woman. I could even sense a tinge of impatience in him.
  • Just how much does he despise Olivia?
  • “The lesser you know about me, the better. Knowing too much isn't a good thing,” uttered Augustus as he ran a finger across my cheek and stopped on my lips enticingly. I could feel the warmth radiating off him.
  • “I'm not afraid.” He saved my life, so I wasn't afraid of him.
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