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Chapter 24 You Are His Mistress

  • “Mr. Adler won't get into a fight with you for me, sure. But you're humiliating him by kicking me out of MIX today. I don't mind leaving, but you're embarrassing him with your actions. Do you think he will pretend as though nothing had happened?” I flashed a warning smile and reminded Olivia.
  • Men valued their pride, especially someone as capable as Augustus.
  • He wouldn't allow his fiancée to force him into a corner.
  • After all, Olivia was just his fiancée; they weren't officially married yet. The news of her kicking Augustus' employee out from MIX would make her a laughingstock.
  • “You indeed have a way with words. No wonder Augustus often comes to MIX with you. Still, you're his mistress, Erica Whitlock. Be smug all you like! I won't give up,” she declared viciously. “You should worry about how to get rid of me now that you've offended me!”
  • She held back her temper for kicking up a fuss at MIX would only cause Augustus to dislike her. She was no fool.
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