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Chapter 23 Fighting Back

  • I stood rooted to the ground upon hearing that word. Augustus has a fiancée? Why haven't I heard of this? Nobody in MIX even mentioned anything regarding this. And if it's true, why did he take me in and let me live with him? I only found out about this because his fiancée came to me. She even knows who I am.
  • One of the women behind Olivia started to ridicule me, sneering, “See how petrified she is? I bet she hasn't even heard of the Yarlett family before. It's no wonder, though, considering how she comes from a poor background.”
  • “Tell me about it. Yet, she still has the audacity to become someone's mistress. How shameless!” the other woman continued while pointing accusingly at me with a finger.
  • At the commotion, the people surrounding us all stopped to watch the scene unfold. Of course, since it was about their boss' rumor, they had to stick their noses in. When I was called a mistress, their faces instantly turned into ones of disgust.
  • Noticing them, a hint of smugness sparkled in her the rude woman's eyes. Yet, she remained composed before continuing, “Ms. Whitlock, Augustus and I are childhood sweethearts. We got engaged a long time ago, and the wedding is just around the corner.” She stopped for a moment as she studied me before adding, “It's normal for men to play around, especially wealthy men like him. He's surrounded by many women, after all. But just a reminder, a mistress will always remain a mistress. Don't you dare even have the thought of going beyond that!”
  • Hearing that, I burst out laughing. “If you're really his fiancée, why hasn't he mentioned you even once? Why am I the one sleeping with him every night? Why aren't you in his bed?”
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