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Chapter 22 The Appearance of Olivia Yarlett

  • Nothing happened that night. He just liked to tease me. His mood would always improve when my face reddened with his teasing.
  • We spent the night like that for some time. It soon came to a point where I was not used to sleeping without him by my side.
  • I had no idea how I managed to control myself when I was with him. Maybe it was because I could feel that Augustus felt no sexual desire towards me.
  • Sure, he would kiss me, whisper dirty things to me, and even hug me to sleep for the whole night, but he had never gone beyond that.
  • No wonder nobody believed that nothing was happening between us. Heck, even I myself had been deceived.
  • I spent a few days training in MIX, and the plan was indeed working for me. Even if Augustus' schedule was packed, he still made time to watch me train. I remember him nodding in satisfaction and telling me I was progressing well. However, he also mentioned that I still had a long way to go.
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