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Chapter 212 On My Side

  • Even while Olivia and Julius chatted back and forth, Augustus never once chimed in. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself in secret. If I were in Olivia's shoes, I'd be drowning in embarrassment and gradually end the conversation down with Julius. After all, what was the point in carrying on the act when the audience wasn't showing any interest?
  • Unfortunately, I had underestimated how shameless Olivia could be. Not only did she not show signs of stopping, but she also constantly hinted at her status as Augustus' fiancée.
  • I yawned and turned to Augustus. “Mr. Adler, Ms. Lew wanted me to pass these documents to you. I'll go back to work now.”
  • Augustus nodded and watched me as I left his office. Once back at the Finance Department, I could finally relax and stretch my limbs. What I couldn't fathom was how exhausted I was, even though I had only been a spectator.
  • As for the conversation I had overheard on the stairwell, I had no intention to relay it to Augustus. Even though he had never mentioned it, I do believe that Augustus already had some inkling of how scheming and ambitious Olivia and Julius could be. Therefore, why should I rat on them and make myself a villain?
  • Time flew as I buried myself in work, and before I knew it, it was already time for lunch. It was then that Augustus gave me a call and asked me to join him for lunch.
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