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Chapter 210 To Each His Own

  • Macie's expression sent chills down my back. I had never thought that she'd be capable of showing so much rage and hostility. Yet now, she was directing all of that at me.
  • I tried to remain calm as I continued, “Macie, I'm not joking with you. I do hope you'll think about what I've just said.”
  • Macie would usually listen to my advice, but love had a funny way of clouding our judgment. My words fell on deaf ears as she stared at me in despondence and gritted her teeth.
  • “Erica, I thought you were a good person, but you turned out to be just as bad as everyone else!” she shouted. “You're rubbing salt into my wounds too!”
  • Without hesitation, Macie turned and stormed out of Augustus' office. It all happened so quickly that I felt like I was in a dream. Memories of going shopping with Macie and getting our hair done flooded my mind as my eyes gradually welled up with tears. People came and went in our lives, and while I could understand that, I couldn't get over the pain now that it had happened to me. To think there were times when I believed Macie and I could become best friends. Perhaps I was wrong, and she, like all the others, was only passing through.
  • I lowered my head and wrung my fingers, not wanting to let Augustus see the conflicting emotions playing out on my face.
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