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Chapter 21 Rumor

  • Following this, I rested for a whole week before finally feeling better. Augustus' personal doctor had visited me and gave me a full-body check-up. He advised me to quit drinking for the time being, for my body could not handle any more alcohol, and he also told me I needed a long time to recuperate fully.
  • As if to grant me an amnesty, Augustus, with a laugh, had asked Mannie not to give me heavy training.
  • As for Tiger and Yvette, they truly had not disturbed me anymore. I learned from Heidi that Tiger and all his subordinates had been added to the blacklist of MIX. They wouldn't be stepping foot into the bar anytime soon.
  • They would not dare to bother me as long as I stayed in MIX.
  • “I'm sorry, Erica. You wouldn't have to go through this had I not asked for your help that day,” Heidi apologized during lunch break as she handed me some snacks.
  • I knew she harbored no ill intentions towards me. Moreover, I would not have been rescued if she had not acted quickly and informed Mannie, who called Augustus.
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