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Chapter 209 Add Insult To Injury

  • I had barely stepped out of the elevator on the first floor when Macie leaped into my arms.
  • I looked down at my friend, who was a blubbering mess, as I patted her back and tried to comfort her. “Macie? what happened?”
  • Macie had never been one to shy away from expressing her emotions, even in public. If it were someone else going through a breakup like she was, they'd be holing up at home and crying themselves to sleep. Not Macie, though. She had cried so much she was starting to hyperventilate, not even caring about her public image. I could only imagine how painful the breakup must have been.
  • Macie pulled me along and sat us down in the office lobby. I glanced around nervously, afraid that I might bump into more familiar faces. Even though it was still office hours and there wasn't much of a crowd, the lobby was still far too much of a public area for a conversation.
  • “Macie, there are people constantly walking by here. Let's find a café so we can chat in peace, okay?” I asked softly. “There'll be cakes and pastries in the café for us to eat as we chat. Wouldn't that be better?”
  • “I don't want that,” Macie mumbled as tears continued streaming down her face.
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