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Chapter 208 Fawning Over Him

  • It was almost bedtime when Ivan dropped me a text: I'm sorry, Erica. I never meant to be rude to you. I acted impulsively earlier, and I apologize for that. I hope you can forgive me. I accepted Ivan's apology but also made it clear that we could no longer be friends. That, unfortunately, did not sit well with him. Not wanting to explain any further, I decided to turn my phone off and retire for the night.
  • When Augustus saw how irritated I had become, he took my phone and promptly deleted Ivan's number. That made Ivan the second person Augustus had deleted from my contacts without my permission, the first being Jackson. Upon questioning why he had done that yet again, Augustus merely shrugged it off with a laugh. “I'm only helping you to get rid of an unwanted nuisance.”
  • I knew Augustus was right. After the ugly fight that Ivan and I had, the chances of us staying friends were slim, so there was no longer any point in holding on to his number.
  • As Augustus and I continued to chat, I decided to bring up a burning question. “Mr. Adler, earlier today at the office, did you fire Ivan because you could tell he was interested in me?”
  • Augustus side-eyed me and replied calmly, “It's because the Finance Department had told me a while back that three interns were just too many.”
  • It was then that everything became clear to me. I knew it! Mr. Adler isn't one to bring personal issues to work, so he couldn't have fired Ivan just because he got too friendly with me! As it turned out, Augustus had long planned for it, and all he needed was an additional reason to decide which intern to let go off.
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