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Chapter 207 Savior

  • Unsure how to reply to him, I nodded my head awkwardly. I knew that a blatant rejection on my end would result in me losing a friend.
  • Nevertheless, I knew I had to make it clear to him.
  • “Ivan, I had only treated you like a friend, and I'm afraid that I can't reciprocate your feelings, no matter how much effort you put into it.” I made my intentions loud and clear because I did not want to let him be on the hook.
  • Ivan had not expected my blatant rejection, and hesitated for a moment before sighing, “Erica, do you already like someone?”
  • Even though Ivan was older than I was, but he had always made me feel as though I was the elder sister, perhaps because of his baby face. As a result, I thought maybe his confession was just a half-hearted joke. Having said that, the dejected look on his face surprised me.
  • So, those were heartfelt words. He did not just say it on a whim.
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