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Chapter 206 A Confession

  • I thought we were only going to have dinner someplace nearby. However, Ivan said that he had booked a place and insisted to treat us to a good meal. Monica was over the moon over the invitation. I could not refute her and could only tag along.
  • Ivan said he drove here. So, both of us waited by the sidewalk as he went to fetch his car.
  • As we waited, Monica complained, “Do you think his car even has air-conditioning? How dare he let two pretty girls stand here and wait for him. He really needs to be taught some manners. If his car doesn't have air-conditioning, I'm going hail a cab while you hitch a ride with him.”
  • I was used to her peculiar attitude and was not at all frustrated. However, I added, “Miss Hotshot, aren't you being a little on the nose though? How many cars have air conditioning in this weather? Why can't you just bear with it for a while?”
  • However, she did not listen to a word I said and continued to explain why she had to ride in an air-conditioned car, claiming that her skin was sensitive, and how it could not bear to withstand the dust if the car window had to be wound down if there was no air-conditioning. She kept rambling on about no matter how much money she spent, her skin would be beyond salvation at that point. I merely mumbled a response as I chortled to myself. She must think that not even Hollywood stars' skin came close to hers. Sometimes I wondered if something was not quite right with me. Monica was a certifiably annoying person, and yet I still found ways to tolerate her quirks. Now I finally understood why I put up with her. Perhaps her reckless and vain ways had always managed to crack me up, and in turn spice up my otherwise dull life.
  • Ivan's car came to a stop in front of us, and we did not notice it at first because both Monica and I were engrossed in a conversation. It wasn't until Ivan wound down the car window to call after us that we realized that his car had stopped in front of us. Nevertheless, Monica was stumped at the sight of the car that Ivan was driving. She eyeballed Ivan's car and exclaimed, “Erica! I didn't know that Ivan came from a rich family! Did you know how much this four-seater sports car cost? It's a limited edition, and it's so rare that I doubt you can even buy it even if you're loaded! Oh right, the football star, David Beckham drives one of these!”
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