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Chapter 205 A Treat

  • The Finance Department was abuzz with heated discussions, and I found the noise disturbing. Needless to say, their topic revolved around how Augustus was ruthless, and how poor Ivan had to suffer his wrath.
  • Monica let out a sigh, “Ivan was really unlucky that Mr. Adler had witnessed him horsing around at work. It's really not that easy to get an internship here. Why did he have to throw off a chance like that?” She did not even attempt to hide her derision, making it clear to everyone that she was not at all saddened by Ivan's misfortune.
  • Paula, who was sitting in front of us turned around and whispered, “I can't help but notice that Mr. Adler was quite unfair in the matter. Erica was horsing around with Ivan, but why was Ivan the only one fired from the job?”
  • Monica rolled her eyes at Paula and said, “It's only natural for a man like him to protect a pretty girl. Erica is not considered a goddess but she is pretty, alright? I don't think it's over the line for Mr. Adler to give her a chance.”
  • My mind was in turmoil, and I refused to sit there to listen to their gossip. So, I stood up and headed for the elevator.
  • I could still hear muffled discussions as I went and they tried to take a guess of where I was going instead.
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