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Chapter 204 You Are Fired

  • Ivan's seat was arranged to be just next to Monica and me. After Isabel had introduced him to us did we realize that he had actually graduated from the university. It was just that he looked younger than his actual age. I was quite embarrassed to think that he was still a university student, and thanked my lucky stars that I had not acted as if I was the senior just now. Otherwise, things could take a very awkward turn.
  • Due to the complex nature of the work at the Finance Department, there was nothing much they could delegate to interns. With an extra headcount, it was almost guaranteed that there was even much less work to do.
  • However, Ivan's presence did add some joy to my otherwise dull work environment. He would crack a joke here and there that would send me bending over backward laughing. Work seemed less tiring with him around.
  • Monica, on the other hand, was still keeping up with her attitude of buttering up to our superiors while giving disdainful looks at Ivan. Initially, Ivan thought it was better to make a friend instead of an enemy since he was new at work, and tried to be friendly toward her. However, seeing that she was paying no heed to his olive branches, he stopped caring as much and ignored her as days went by.
  • I sat between the two, and eventually became their messenger when it came to communicating about work. Days went by without a glitch.
  • Another Monday came by. After Augustus was done with his routine meeting, he came over to have a look at the respective departments.
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