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Chapter 203 The New Guy

  • “Were we just putting up an act? Why do I think that's not the case at all?”
  • I could not pick up the undertones in his words. It seemed as if he was teasing me, but he sounded quite sincere at the same time.
  • I must be overthinking this because I'm not clear-headed from just waking up. Then, I proceeded to shake my head a little to freshen it.
  • I had wanted to pretend as if I did not hear the man and just gloss over the conversation, but Augustus did not seem to want to let me off the hook.
  • He parked his car at his designated car park in the underground parking before he edged closer to me and asked, “Is it true, about you saying that you have a crush on me?” He asked teasingly.
  • I vaguely recalled muttering a confession to him when I was sleeping last night, but I thought I was just dreaming. The dream was so surreal that I could not even begin to imagine that it could be true. I bit down on my lower lip. I'm going to die from embarrassment if he really did hear me yesterday.
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