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Chapter 202 Head Home

  • Then, I turned to look at Augustus and we met eyes. I had so many things I wanted to tell him but was unable to do so in front of everyone.
  • He seemed to know what I was thinking as he stood up and reached out to me. “It's late now, Erica. Colter is already waiting outside so let's head home now.”
  • I nodded immediately. I had had enough of the oppressing atmosphere and didn't want to stay any longer.
  • Mabel wanted him to get her precious son a job and was very reluctant to let Augustus go. But Kent glared daggers at her before saying to me, “You should head home now, Erica. Tell the driver to drive carefully.”
  • He walked us to the door and finally had the chance to have a proper talk with me.
  • He put an arm around my shoulder and said earnestly, “I couldn't protect you, Erica. I'm incompetent. I know that your aunt has said some unacceptable things, but you know that she's only doing it for her son. Let bygones be bygones, alright? We still have to live our own lives. It's enough if you're able to live a good life, isn't that right?”
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