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Chapter 201 Rely On Yourself

  • Mabel was still acting as though nothing had happened as she tried to get Daryl to be nice to Augustus, that way they could get a piece of the pie. Kent was probably embarrassed but couldn't do anything about her, so he kept silent and continued drinking.
  • However, Augustus didn't think much of it. The corners of his lips tilted upwards as he watched their interaction and would even glance at me from time to time. The look in his eyes seemed to be telling me that he wanted to get a clear look at just what kind of people were around me.
  • I noticed Daryl tugging on the edge of Mabel's shirt and was signaling her with his eyes, trying to get her to stop being so embarrassing. My aunt had always been someone who only cared about her own thoughts. The moment she decided on something, none of the other people's opinions mattered to her. In her haste, Mabel reached out and nudged my shoulder. “Erica, what are you doing sitting there like a fool? Why aren't you saying anything on behalf of Daryl? You've got to look out for one of your own!”
  • Her greedy gaze landed on me and she looked as though I was her only hope. She must've thought that it would be a success if I said something. I sneered at the thought of it. Aunt Mabel's really overestimating me.
  • I brushed her hand away and said, “Sorry, Aunt Mabel. I've already told you earlier that I can't help Daryl with anything. I'm still going to say the same thing, we need to be down to earth. We still have to rely on ourselves when the time comes, am I wrong?”
  • Mabel didn't expect that I would humiliate her like that and she started to mumble to herself out of annoyance, “Just who does this girl take after. How can she be so estranged from her family.”
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