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Chapter 199 Her Boyfriend

  • A series of rhythmic, powerful knocks broke the silence in the room, propelling Mabel to glance over her shoulder and shout, “Hold on. I'll be right there!”
  • As she went to answer the door, I heaved a sigh of relief inwardly. Phew! Finally, the dreadful conversation is over. I can't stand their disapproving looks any longer.
  • “Hi. Who are you looking for?” she said, her tone turned polite instantly.
  • I raised my gaze and peered in the direction of the door, curious about the visitor's identity. The man seemed totally out of place standing there, but he was the one whom I missed the most whenever I was low-spirited.
  • It was Augustus. He stood in front of her, casting a stern gaze down at her with an icy expression.
  • Did he know that I was in a tight spot again and came to save me? An unbidden smile spread across my face at that thought.
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