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Chapter 197 Daryl And Mabel Try To Stir Up Trouble

  • When it was time for dinner, my eyes sparkled at the sight of the various types of food prepared by Kent on the dining table.
  • I looked at Kent and applauded, “Wow, Uncle Kent, you have prepared so many types of food! I just realized that I haven't had the chance to savor the food prepared by you for quite a long time. Ah! I'm already drooling over them now! Uncle Kent, you're really a good cook. I used to grumble to my Mom why she's not as good as you in cooking!”
  • Kent chuckled, “Your Mom was really mediocre at cooking since young. Your Grandma used to tease her that she should be married to an heir of a prominent family since she's not good with any household chores.” He paused and heaved a deep sigh before mumbling sorrowfully, “Too bad things didn't turn out as expected. I never expected that she would lead a more melancholic life than me.” He started to choke up.
  • On the instant, my heart flinched as my Mom's figure flashed across my mind. When I caught a glimpse of Mabel's intimidating gaze, I knew that we should drop the subject at once.
  • Before I could change the topic, she raised her voice and chimed in, “Why do you bring this up all of a sudden?” Sensing that she had overreacted, she cleared her throat and waved at me. “Erica, let's eat now. Cheer up and don't dwell on the past anymore, okay?”
  • Kent sniffed and wiped a tear from the corner of his eye with his fingertip. “Yeah, I shouldn't have brought it up. Erica, let's put it out of our minds now. All these dishes are specially prepared for you. I know that you surely miss homecooked food a lot. Ah! I still remember that you love this garlic butter baked fish a lot. Take some more of it. Since you are staying by yourself outside, you surely eat out very often. Poor girl, there's no one to prepare nutritious meals for you every day as well. Sigh, it's really not easy to earn a living.”
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