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Chapter 196 The Motive Of Mabel And Daryl

  • There was an unmissable difference in the atmosphere the moment I stepped into the house. Out of my expectation, both Daryl and Mabel were exceptionally solicitous toward me. Even Kent was delighted with their demeanor and nodded in satisfaction. I somehow could not overlook a wave of uneasiness that was gradually creeping into my heart. My instinct told me that they must be having a hidden motive behind their unusual earnestness toward me.
  • After a while, Kent stepped into the kitchen again jubilantly to add on another dish for me. My instinct was proven right when Daryl grabbed the chance and dragged me to the balcony.
  • He revealed his true colors when he put on a fawning smile and asked eagerly, “Erica, regarding the matter that I mentioned to you previously, have you thought it through? According to my friend, Boyard Corporation doesn't easily recruit anyone, so you must have known someone omnipotent backing you up. If so, I'm sure it's just a piece of cake for you to get me a job there, isn't it?” After contemplating for a while, he continued gleefully. “Once you manage to arrange a post for me there, I promise I won't bother you again. What say you?”
  • Instantaneously, I was infuriated by the glint of greed in his eyes.
  • “Someone backing me up? Huh! You think too much! If I really happen to know one, I surely wouldn't
  • forget about you. After all, you are my cousin. Nonetheless, you look too highly of me. I'm sorry I'm unable to help you. No point for you to waste time requesting me to do so over and over again,” I refuted impatiently.
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