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Chapter 195 An Invitation

  • It did not take long after I registered for driving lessons that the coach arranged in-car sessions for me. Ever since then, my life started revolving around work and learning. Despite enjoying the sense of fulfillment I derived from my new lifestyle, I still tried to relax when I could. I would find time to watch the TV and eat some snacks to unwind.
  • Things had finally started to work out between Augustus and me after that unhappy incident that day. Augustus was a lot more trusting these days. Life was a lot better because Olivia had not been making things difficult for me. This had also made my relationship with Augustus better. After all, if Olivia were to create a mess and frame me, I still could not tell for sure if Augustus would stand up for me.
  • I always reminded myself to heed Josephine's advice when I felt overwhelmed. I should not worry about things that had yet to happen. Her words became my comfort in times like this.
  • Life went on as usual until Daryl called me one day.
  • It was the weekend and I had just finished my driving lesson that day. I was lying in bed playing games on my phone when a gush of annoyance flowed through me when I saw his name on my phone screen.
  • My past dealings with him had taught me that nothing good would happen whenever he called, but I still picked up his call and waited for him to speak.
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