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Chapter 194 A Perfect Date

  • I pulled Augustus down the street as I bought some food from the stalls. He rejected the food I offered at the beginning, and understandably so. People were naturally inclined to shut off things that were not familiar to their own experience. I disregarded him and stuffed some kebab into his mouth when he was not looking at me. He had no other choice but to chew it.
  • I looked at him in expectation as he ate away. He had a repulsive expression on his face at first, but he quickly relaxed and started enjoying the food. This was a rare reaction coming from Augustus, and it really made my day.
  • “Why are you so happy?” he asked, pinching my nose. The smile on his face intensified as he looked at my reaction.
  • Indeed, I was elated.
  • We spent some time trying out food from different stalls after that. Augustus was more open to the idea of eating other food after tasting the kebab. This time around, I did not need to force food into his mouth anymore.
  • We sat at one of the tables in front of the shops as I rested my chin on my hands, gazing at him. He looked so out of place in his classy attire. I could tell people were eyeing him as they walked past us, but I ignored them and fixed my eyes on him.
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