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Chapter 193 Their Story

  • After I got home from Josephine's place, Augustus asked what we talked about. Since what happened between Gerald and Josephine was no secret, I told Augustus everything. He fell into deep thought after hearing my story. “It seems like Gerald is in for it this time.”
  • He sounded as if Gerald was going to be heartbroken. “Why are you worried about him? He has hundreds of women waiting in line for him, I'm sure he's gonna get over it soon.”
  • Augustus glared at me from the corner of his eyes. “Do you know him better or do I? He's the family's heir, he's bound to face a lot of objections from his family.”
  • To me, if Gerald was serious about Josephine, he would never let any harm befall her, but this was clearly not possible given his situation.
  • “I bet prominent families like yours and Gerald's don't like women like Josephine, right?” There was a slight hint of disappointment in my voice.
  • “What's wrong with women like Josephine?” Augustus lifted his brows and asked the obvious.
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