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Chapter 19 A Street Rat

  • After that, I heard footsteps approaching me before feeling myself being carried off the ground and laid on the bed.
  • “You're here, Mr. Adler.” I glanced at the time and was surprised to learn that he had stayed here at this hour despite being a busy person.
  • Augustus pursed his lips, looking dismayed. “You've been getting into a lot of trouble while I wasn't here.”
  • Despite his expression, he sounded calm, so I knew he was not about to scold me. Even so, the memory of being in the same room with Tiger and the others still haunted me. I didn't have any clue as to how long I had been asleep, but from the looks of my body, I knew I wasn't in the best condition.
  • “Are you still thinking of that night?” His expression softened, but his tone had gotten colder.
  • Strings of tears escaped my eyes. He had no idea how afraid I had been. If he had not arrived in the nick of time... I didn't dare imagine what would have happened to me. Tiger was a monster. Someone like him would not follow the rules of a meaningless game. Heck, he had probably already made up his mind not to let me go, to begin with.
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