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Chapter 188 Caught In A Quandary

  • Isabel had always been amiable to me, but now that I had offended her, there was no way she would treat me the same anymore. After our altercation the other day, she canceled all my tasks, and just like that, I became the only one at the company without anything to do. It went without saying that I was displeased. I went to ask my team leader what was going on, but the answer I got was absurd. She said I was not equipped enough to carry out any duties, so I was given free time to improve myself. Disgruntled as I was, there was nothing I could do, yet I still went to work during office hours.
  • I had always looked forward to having time for myself back when my work schedule was packed, but now that I had ample time at my disposal, I suddenly felt uneasy.
  • It was not like I did not offer to take up some of the most menial jobs at the office, but everyone treated me as if I was a stranger and declined my help.
  • Only Molly, the secretary, was kind enough to commission me with the task of getting everyone food for tea time. This was no easy chore. Everyone had their own preferences, so I spent a long time writing down what each of them wanted to eat. Just as I thought I had gotten over the most difficult part, I realized I could not get everything they wanted from the same shop. I had to go to several shops around the company before I finally ticked everything on my checklist. Although the shops I went to were not far away from the company, I still felt tired after food shopping.
  • This carried on for three days until I finally went to Molly and asked her why she didn’t get the food delivered instead. From what I remember, our colleagues used to order their food online and get them delivered, so by right, there would be no need for me to run around getting everyone's order like a clown. She gladly accepted my proposal and allowed me to just get food delivered. It was then that I realized she did it on purpose, and the reason was no other than the pure joy she derived from torturing a rookie, but I had learned my lesson this time around.
  • I did not confront her directly but swallowed my dissatisfaction in silence as I went back to my own seat. The next few days passed by quickly without any major drama. I was relieved I did not have to run the errand of getting everyone tea anymore. Although the company still did not assign me any task, I was able to accept reality as it was. Since Isabel was fixed on excluding me, the only thing that I could do was play along.
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