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Chapter 187 Wrongly Accused

  • Back at the company, Monica ridiculed me with a weird tone in her voice, implying that I was lucky to impress Ms. Lew with flattery and work my way up. I was disgusted with her but I did not want us to have a showdown in the office so I put up with her remarks and muttered something insignificant in reply. After all, if I became a permanent staff of Boyard Corporation in the future, she might turn out to be my superior.
  • I sat down at my desk, composed myself, and picked up the documents to see Ms. Lew in her office.
  • Seeing me at her office door, Ms. Lew smiled politely, as if she was expecting me.
  • “Howard Lewis gave you trouble, didn't he?” She asked.
  • I was taken aback. “Ms. Lew, you knew that would happen?”
  • It turned out that Isabel knew beforehand that Howard would not cooperate with me. Yet, she gave me the job on the pretext that it was for my training.
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