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Chapter 186 A Fresh Start

  • Daryl hesitated for some time and then he stuffed the two thousand into his pocket. I laughed to myself. Even though he felt the sum of money was too small, Daryl was greedy and would definitely not reject the cash I gave him.
  • “Erica, you have a sugar daddy. I can't believe you only have two thousand on you. He put his arm around my shoulder and said shyly, “Don't hide your money. I understand. You are a frugal person. Why don't you give to me the payment from your sugar daddy and let me make use of it?”
  • There are too many shameless scoundrels in this world and Daryl is one of them. I'm so used to hearing such filth from him that I'm now immune.
  • I did not want to dally with him so I pushed his arm from my shoulder and told him I did not care whether he believed that that was all the money I had. I still felt worried for my uncle as he was getting old and he was my only relative in this world. I would definitely find a way to save more money so that I could help him in his old age.
  • Daryl was following me and murmuring, asking me to help him find a job. He said he was really desperate or else he would not appear in front of me to beg. I could not help laughing out loud. I was certain he did not understand the meaning of desperation and begging. His rude and accusing manner just now certainly showed he was neither desperate nor begging. In fact, he spoke as if I owed it to him.
  • I ignored him as I stood by the roadside trying to get a taxi. All I wanted was to distance myself from the sound of his voice. He still threatened me with Uncle Kent, saying that If I did not give him more money and get him a rewarding job, I would be sorry for it.
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