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Chapter 185 Cousin

  • Right as I took a step out of the office, I sensed someone moving behind me. My heart skipped a beat, and I held my bag closer to myself as I reached inside for the pepper spray. I had been hearing about the dangers of wandering in the streets alone recently. Many girls had fallen prey to stalkers and ended up terribly. Hearing the slow footsteps behind me made my heart race in fear.
  • I should've asked Colter to pick me up. Although I'd be waking him from my sleep, at least I'll be safe. Once my finger touched the pepper spray in my bag, I heaved a sigh of relief. However, my heart still remained in my throat. I'm glad I brought this with me. Otherwise, I'd be completely defenseless.
  • It was one in the morning, so the streets were empty and quiet. Even though I had chosen to walk down the main roads, it was still unlikely for me to avoid a surprise attack from the person behind me. The footsteps never stopped. Steeling myself, I stopped at the brightest spot shone by the road lights.
  • “Don't do anything! I've messaged my friend to call the cops!” I yelled as I spun around.
  • The pepper spray was still in my hands, but the person behind me was someone familiar—my cousin, Daryl.
  • My uncle had given him the name Daryl, hoping that he would be a dear person to all by being a capable person. Unfortunately, Daryl ended up as an incompetent person. I was sure that there was a reason for him to come looking for me.
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