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Chapter 184 Eager To Meet Him

  • While working, I kept mulling over Colter's words. Thus, once I completed the task I had been assigned, I took my phone and rushed into the pantry.
  • The screen only showed Augustus' name, but his name alone was enough to terrify me. After a while of hesitation, I finally called him.
  • Beep, beep, beep. Augustus did not pick up the phone after a long while. Maybe he's busy. That thought alone made me sigh in relief. In that case, I won't wait for him to pick up the call.
  • Right as I was about to end the call, his voice sounded from the speakers, low and indifferent as usual.
  • “Yes?” There were no greetings; the first word he uttered was a question, and it rendered me speechless for a moment.
  • Clearing my throat, I mumbled, “Mr. Adler, when will you be coming back? You've been gone for quite a while. I'm afraid that...” I should've gathered my thoughts before calling him.
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