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Chapter 181 Relationship

  • Macie insisted on treating me to a meal as a token of appreciation for introducing her to Jackson. However, Jackson didn't seem enthusiastic about the idea. Josephine, oblivious to what was going on, pulled my hand and spoke to Macie. “The thing about Erica is that, whenever she encounters a problem, she'll try to dodge it.”
  • I couldn't win against the two of them and agreed to go along with it.
  • Macie suggested indoor BBQ, Josephine agreed, and there was one in the mall. So, we headed there immediately.
  • Jackson's initial awkwardness vanished fairly quickly and started chatting with us.
  • Macie continuously put different food on Jackson's plate as a way to show how nice she was to him. Josephine playfully commented, “Back in my day, girls rarely take initiative. Seems like girls today are much better at playing the love game.”
  • Macie self-deprecatingly replied, “I have to compensate for my idiocy somehow. Since I like him, I should do something to make him happy. Once he sees how nice I am, he'll never want to leave me. Isn't that right?” She stared at Jackson and teasingly grinned.
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