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Chapter 180 Shopping

  • The next day, it was neither Augustus nor the alarm that woke me up; it was Josephine's call.
  • When I answered the call groggily, Josephine's lively voice rang out. “Lazy bum. Why are you still asleep at this hour? Don't you need to go to work?”
  • I jolted up from bed in shock.
  • “I need to go to work. Oh crap, it's nine-thirty. I drank some beer last night and forgot to set the alarm,” I hastily explained. “Anyway, I need to go.”
  • I ran toward the restroom in a hurry. Before I could reach my destination, however, Josephine's giggle sounded over the phone.
  • “Calm down, you dummy. It's Saturday! You shouldn't have jet lag after returning from Jetroina, right?” she teased.
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