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Chapter 18 Saved By Augustus

  • She's insane. Is she seriously going to risk her life for a sum of money and Tiger?
  • Shivers traveled down my spine as I watched her gulp down glass after glass. Though I despised her, I had to admit that I admired her determination once she had set her sight on something. Even I could not do such a thing.
  • However, she was doing it out of ruthless intentions, and I was doing it for my survival. That was why I could not lose.
  • Bleurgh!
  • All of a sudden, Yvette knelt on the floor and vomited the contents of her stomach out, gripping the trash can as she did so. A pungent scent surrounded the room, causing everyone to cover their noses instinctively.
  • There were only five glasses left. I watched as the dramatic scene unfolded right in front of me. The woman seemed like the typical drunk woman in a movie as her head swayed back and forth. Attempting to keep myself sober, I bit on my tongue harshly.
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