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Chapter 179 Dry Yourself

  • Shortly after, I heard the car door clicking open; Colter was back. Augustus proceeded to toss me a big towel, causing me to gasp in shock.
  • In an effort to ease the tension in the air, Colter smiled and said, “Ms. Whitlock, Mr. Adler doesn't want you to catch a cold from the long journey. He told me to buy a towel from a nearby convenience store so you can dry yourself off.”
  • Before I could reply, Augustus spoke up. “Wipe yourself dry. Look at how wet the car is.”
  • He was frowning as he shot me a look full of contempt.
  • Turns out he wasn't afraid that I would catch a cold; he just didn't want me to stain his car.
  • I knew Augustus was a clean freak, but I didn't know he couldn't even stand the sight of water. With that, I took the towel without a word. The rain had drenched my clothes, so there was no way to wipe everything clean without changing my clothes. Hence, I wiped my body half-heartedly to appease Augustus.
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