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Chapter 178 Last Shred Of Dignity

  • I didn't know how long I waited in the rain. I only knew that when it was pouring, Colter's call finally arrived. The moment Colter's car turned up, I belatedly realized Augustus said I would get picked up by dinnertime because he was in the car as well.
  • Right at that moment, my wet hair was plastered on my scalp, and every inch of my body was drenched wet. Colter honked at me before rushing down with an umbrella in his hand.
  • “Ms. Whitlock, why are you so naive? It takes around half an hour for us to come from Mr. Adler's company. Why didn't you wait inside for us?” Colter's concern for me was showing as I was younger than him.
  • His words were warm, but I felt chills traveling down my spine. Yes, why am I that naive? I nearly got hurt. All this while, I thought Mr. Adler was sincere when he was actually using me. It figures. Someone as accomplished as Mr. Adler will marry someone like Ms. Yarlett. Why would he fall for a commoner like me? My newfound confidence was washed away by the pouring rain, with only the last shred of dignity remained in me.
  • Nevertheless, I refused to cry. No matter how upset I was, my remaining pride wouldn't allow me to spill any tears.
  • Colter held the umbrella for me and opened the car door for me. He made sure I entered the car safely. Augustus was in the backseat as his indifferent gaze swept across me. It was as if he was wondering why I got myself into this miserable state.
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