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Chapter 177 Powerless

  • Olivia's story was quite confusing. In the end, I finally figured out what she wanted to say. She claimed that they were in love and that he kept me by his side just to upset her.
  • I hesitated for a while before asking, “Why would Mr. Adler upset you? Your wedding date has been decided. As long as you both agree, you'll get married two months later.”
  • Instead of bristling in rage, Olivia explained patiently, “Well, you deserve to know the truth. There's a minor conflict between Augustus and me. You can think of it as a misunderstanding or a mistake. Anyway, Augustus refused to forgive me for the time being.” She paused to study my reaction before adding, “Augustus allowed you to stay with him just to piss me off. Otherwise, why didn't he call off our engagement? You know how he is, right?”
  • She wasn't as harsh as she usually sounded. Instead, her gentle advice cut through my heart like an iron shard.
  • No wonder Augustus' initial indifference when he first saved me and his recent inconsistent behavior gave me different vibes. It turned out that he wasn't trying to take advantage of me; he only wanted to save me from Tiger's clutches and dismiss me. After we spent some time together, he realized I could be of help. Every time I infuriated Olivia, Augustus would offer me a huge reward. Obviously, he was pleased with what I did. Hence, he allowed me to remain by his side. My departure depended on his relationship with Olivia. Once they reconciled, I would have to pack up and leave.
  • My silence gave Olivia the courage to go on. She put up her best sincere act and tried to persuade me. “Erica, we're both women. You know what a heartbreak feels like, right? Hence, you shouldn't stick to Augustus after finding out how much we love each other. As long as you're willing to leave him, I'll give you some money. It might not be enough for you to live in luxury for the rest of your life, but it's enough to last you a few years. How does that sound?” She arched a brow confidently in the end as though she was sure I'd agree to her offer.
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